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Find care. Search the best doctors or facilities nearby

The app acts as a powerful search tool holding a nationwide database of healthcare providers and prices that help the users to navigate and explore the best and nearest clinics/hospitals, labs, & pharmacies - the respective charges and unique delivery services they possess.






Upload, Access and Share All Your Health Records in Document Vault

Avoid the clutter of papers by using the unique document vault feature. You can store, organize, access, and share all the health data in one place. It's easy, expedient and a life saver in emergency.


Get Access to Quality Health and Wellbeing Content that Help You Make Informed Decisions

Get access to seemingly an endless amount of quality health and wellbeing information (diseases, conditions, symptoms, tests, procedures, drugs, supplements, etc.) right in your pockets through v23 patient education module.






Easy Follow-up with Video Consultations

Schedule video consultations and meet your doctor face-face. The feature is convenient for elderly patients, patients with chronic conditions, and when the patient is travelling or away for long periods of time.


Pay Online, Perform Activities on App, Gain Credits

Pay online; avoid waiting at the billing counter. Also, you will gain credits on each activity you do on the app such as searching and booking an appointment with preferred healthcare, paying online, etc. that can redeemed for real rewards.






Raghu - 38yrs
Recording prescription, pharmacy information and medication consumption actions are extremely helpful, Patient centred!

Swamy - 67yrs
Accurate billing, wasting no time standing and the billing counter and getting rewards for paying online are really unique and good features.

Lakshmi - 32yrs
V23 has been there for me throughout my pregnancy, always with the accurate information I need. I feel so informed and secured thanks to v23. I would recommend it to everyone I know.

Rohit - 31yrs
I can easily find, and book an appointment with the best and nearest doctor. The search is much simpler and the rating and feedback are really helpful to make a choice.

How It Works



Book Doctor Appointment

Find a trusted doctor, nearby. Book an Appointment at your preferreed time slot



Pay Online & Save

Prefer to pay online to avail discounts, offers and get credits. You can also pay offline



Visit Your Doctor

Experience a paperless healthcare practice - reception formalities, prescription, health records, etc.



Find nearest Lab & pharmacy

As per the prescription, find and avail services of the best and nearest labs and/or pharmacies


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